The perfect storm — balanced skills

Paul B de Groot, CEO -  Disruptive Demystification

Back in the nineties I fell in love with computer graphics. It was new and it was the future for creation, film and games. Soon after when internet exploded I witnessed  the first social behavior from our internet success: 4 million people around the world were communicating with each other and our servers.  I still see this as the foundation of a new creative era: social + film, art, music, technology, science: everything and everyone was coming together in one computer. The time of separated boxes, tools and specialisms was gone at last. 

About 10 years ago when I started with games, I got struck with the game mechanics and viral player aggregation. Distribution, production and publishing of games became a one trick pony. Suddenly a games company needed all these skills under one roof.  Not easy! The gamers changed too. A bunch of gamer geeks became communities. The community of a game adopted this new environment as a part of their life and they acted like that. It was like running a virtual government. Since then I gained respect for politicians ;)

Five years ago I bumped into the  B2B part of games: finance and marketing. How and why do gamers pay and play, how to get gamers from around the world? But moreover: how does the game producer-distributor pay its salary checks? Very intriguing., like this ever quest: The game or the Marketing? The Valuation or the Product? The team or the investors? Present or the future;)

The last years I've spent time with finance inspired by the big crash of the banking system. The last big most powerful bastion had to change. But changes are not coming from within conservative industries. They happen outside. It is not a surprise that online social-tech companies are taking over. If you believe that this is happening, you will also agree that the audience of the finance industry is changing too! I call this disruptive demystification. When you disclose the same content in another clear intuitive way, suddenly a whole new financial audience comes in the picture.

This is what we do @Mobytron

Love to chat if you're inspired too!



"Life is too short for cheap white whine"

Mark Allon, Lead Unity Engineer

Experienced in creating projects that are fundamentally stable at the core while still allowing fluidity and adaptive design iterations.
Improving the world bit by bit.



"Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today"

- Mark Twain


Lars Steenhoff, Lead Game Designer

With a background in Interaction Design my research started to find the right balance between human interaction with experiences.
Games are a natural fit as they allow a person to participate and give input where in other media such as movies the experience is only active on a sensory and mental level, the story unfolds partly in the brain and partly on the screen.
However In movies the outcome is fixed whereas in games different scenarios are allowed to happen at different times.  

This element of unpredictability has a counterpart in finance.  There we have the markets which move in directions that are unknown. When combined with gaming elements, we allow the financial markets to become more accessible to a broader audience.

With the right knowledge and skill-set that is acquired when playing our games we allow for natural economic empowerment.


“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” 

Bruce Lee


Wim van der Graaf, Lead Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analyst with extensive experience in the financial sector.
With a PhD in physics I am able to quickly get to the core of complex problems.

I share my knowledge and support my colleagues.
In our hands-on environment I connect the dots.



"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

- Albert Einstein


Mark Offerman Lead Data Architect

Becoming an astronaut, being a rasta or working on video games all day has to be every boy’s dream. As NASA wouldn’t adopt me and my mum did not approve of my dreads, I didn’t quite had the backup-plan on what to do. Matter-of-fact, I enrolled in Marketing on the Hague University just to avoid the ass-kickings as I was too hooked on playing video games all day.

To my greatest relief, I enjoyed the Marketing journey and learned a lot of powerful concepts. Besides having the opportunity to go on international studies throughout Europe and a traineeship in Jamaica, my interests in international business and strategy started growing. Going into Erasmus University with a sense of direction, I took a dive into the world of big data, prediction models and machine learning while my currents interests radiated gently towards IT. 

Via various start-ups and enterprises, I came across Mobytron. Specialised in Financial Gaming, they are developing something that captures and aligns all my interests into one single project. Here, I have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge of marketing and make an daily effort to capture and translate the data of the in-game ecosystem into commercial and analytics solutions. 

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."

- Bob Marley

Andrei Balanescu Creative Director

Ever since college, I have been enthusiastic about the stock market. After working in day trading and FOREX, I have turned to another passion, which is creating games. For more than four years I have been involved in the video games industry, and now I have the opportunity to combine my two passions into one.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eline Steensma Information Analyst

After a short academic career in Criminology at the University of Leiden I decided to switch to a more practical study where I could use my head and hands to create and retrieve information from plain data. While working on my Bachelor’s degree in Information Studies at the University of Amsterdam I got the opportunity to work together with Mark on the analytics at Mobytron. We let the data live in happy colored graphs, pretty bar charts and shiny visualizations.

“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved."

- Winnie the Pooh

Julian Hana Unity Engineer/Game Designer

I think it is interesting to know why certain choices are made. I always ask about it in whatever field and I like to be involved. This gave me a very broad knowledge. I think anything is possible with programming. It might take some time, but anything! Work happy, be happy and enjoy life.

“If I can't do it, it can't be done"

- 50 Cent