The perfect storm — balanced skills

Paul B de Groot, CEO -  Disruptive Demystification

Back in the nineties I fell in love with computer graphics. It was new and it was the future for creation, film and games. Soon after when internet exploded I witnessed  the first social behavior from our internet success: 4 million people around the world were communicating with each other and our servers.  I still see this as the foundation of a new creative era: social + film, art, music, technology, science: everything and everyone was coming together in one computer. The time of separated boxes, tools and specialisms was gone at last. 

About 10 years ago when I started with games, I got struck with the game mechanics and viral player aggregation. Distribution, production and publishing of games became a one trick pony. Suddenly a games company needed all these skills under one roof.  Not easy! The gamers changed too. A bunch of gamer geeks became communities. The community of a game adopted this new environment as a part of their life and they acted like that. It was like running a virtual government. Since then I gained respect for politicians ;)

Five years ago I bumped into the  B2B part of games: finance and marketing. How and why do gamers pay and play, how to get gamers from around the world? But moreover: how does the game producer-distributor pay its salary checks? Very intriguing., like this ever quest: The game or the Marketing? The Valuation or the Product? The team or the investors? Present or the future;)

The last years I've spent time with finance inspired by the big crash of the banking system. The last big most powerful bastion had to change. But changes are not coming from within conservative industries. They happen outside. It is not a surprise that online social-tech companies are taking over. If you believe that this is happening, you will also agree that the audience of the finance industry is changing too! I call this disruptive demystification. When you disclose the same content in another clear intuitive way, suddenly a whole new financial audience comes in the picture.

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