Back-end Architect

Server Hero @ Mobytron | The Hague Netherlands

If you are inspired by complex systems and diving with your nose in the terminal and shell-scripts, you are the engineer we are looking for. 

We have been working hard and the phase of connecting dots in the back-end implementation is appearing on the horizon. As we are developing something entirely new, we are looking for an enthusiast that is not scared of a good challenge. The task on hand is engineering an back-end architecture while tackling the challenges in performance, security, scalability with real-time data streams.

You will developing, designing and deploying our platform code and applications content. Ideally, you have had some experience with C# or Unity, so that we can easily connect client-side libraries and code with the server-side. The majority of what you wil be doing is new, hands-on development in the financial gaming industry, so if you are interested in diving into new technologies, Mobytron is the place for you. 

Must have’s

  • Highly Pro-Active Attitude
  • You have a curiosity about how things work (and how to break them)
  • You have been writing server-side applications for a while and can point out where you have been working on.
  • In-depth expertise of which you use to develop high volume transaction software that is robust, scalable and maintainable
  • Deep knowledge of Linux, Apache.
  • Expertise with an interpreted programming language (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby etc.)
  • Solid competency wiht MySQL or noSQL
  • Strong well-round experience in host, network and application security (applied cryptography including PKI, SSL and key management)

Nice to haves

  • Experience with Unity / C#
  • Experience with AWS, DigitalOcean, GoogleCloud etc.
  • Experience in designing and developing applications where security is paramount and issues (XSS, SQL Injection, etc.)

We are on a mission to make finance as fun and challenging as games, using the state of the art technology. We believe in a team on a mission. Besides working hard, we value our own happiness. This means that we value your free time and your need to refuel, relax and find inspiration - by playing games with your colleagues, working from home or going to the gym or a run when you feel like it. 

If you are feeling excited about working for a high-tech start-up, together with the best specialists in the industry, you are at the right place. Having less than 5 years experience, but you think you are up for the task, contact us too.It simply comes down to this: if you are ready eat challenges for breakfast and you can meet our bar, we welcome you with open arms. 

Interested in a real challenge? 

send a mail to —>

Senior 2D Artist

Art and Design @ Mobytron | The Hague Netherlands

If you’re inspired by mobile financial casual games, casual gaming or financial gaming. This is your thing. As a Senior 2D Game Artist, you will be responsible for creating beautiful art assets to one of our new tablet and mobile games. You will be able to implement your own ideas and ensure our products are stylistically consistent whilst making sure that the game looks like a real piece of art for gamers to enjoy.

You will also be collaborating with the Product Lead, Game Designer and other team members to make sure that the game is something you yourself would like to play. 

Your role within our team:

  • Provide Concept Art and Gameplay Mock Ups to set style guides & visualise gameplay 
  • Produce awesome game assets for this new casual genre as nobody has done before 
  • Build on the defined styles of our 3 products lines in a consistent fashion for each 
  • Visual effects and particle effects   

 Skills to create thrills:

  • You already have a minimum of 3 years work experience in the games or gaming industry, preferably mobile, tablet games. 
  • Outstanding graphic design skills and proficient in related tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Strong animation skills with good sense of form and colour to produce top quality assets 
  • A proven track record of creating mobile casual and social gambling design 
  • You preferably have experience in implementing your art in Unity3D 
  • Knowledge and Experience in creating game icons, UI/HUD a plus 
  • Create amazing art within technical limitations 
  • You have knowledge of mobile financial online trading platforms 
  • Self-motivated, team player with strong social and communication skills 
  • You own a smartphone and have played most of the popular games   

We’re the Wolves of Wall street in of creation!
Nonstop Social Trading Games is now part of the Mobytron family. We believe that great games are developed by working in small, autonomous creative teams that control the whole process – from idea to amazing game. Our close connection with and instant feedback from the player community, enables us to deliver truly magical moments. We value your free time and your need to refuel, relax and find inspiration – by playing games with your colleagues, being at home with your family or going to the gym or out for a run. That's how we stay creative. That’s why we call ourselves developers of Wall street and Wolves of creativity.

Want to join our Mobytron team?
If you are interested, please apply!  Applications must be in English and please include a link to your online portfolio.

The brilliant experience we give our players comes from the diversity and experience of our people. A great saga needs all sorts of heroes. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent.