Do you offer online trading? Looking for new customers? This is for you.

Do you need more customers? New customers? More clients from a younger generation? Clients which you never reached out to in your affiliation programs? We enable you a whole new generation to trade online. Boys and girls that have always been present but never got to join the elite club of financial trading. We have the products to open this market.  If this is for you, we are your partner for the future. Contact us and we are happy to explain you how.


Intraday trading for anybody, everywhere, anytime together or alone.

Gamers will be the next financial traders. The long tail of traders. We enable financial rookies as gamers to outsmart the Nasdaq. How? By using contemporary game mechanics in a confined virtual environment. Rookies are allowed to make mistakes. Learning from clear visual insights and  buddies. Win or lose in only a few seconds. They are strategists closing the day with their buddies. Intraday or ultra short for everybody, with anybody, everywhere, any time.



We redefined trading. Fast, simple and exciting. Trading for novices and weathered traders. People who like calculated risk, without being scared away by complicated interfaces. People who expect trading to be as intuitive and fun as their current apps. Serious fun with fully transparent pricing driven by ultra-live exchange data. Capped risk for everybody, with anybody, everywhere, any time. Attract novices and entertain the experienced. Improve your visitor
numbers and prolong their activities on your platform.

Retain and convert.


We are developing our trading platform in a fast pace and the first test cycle coming up soon. First group of beta testers is quietly signing up via the website. Curious about what we do and want to know more about what we are developing? Get in touch.


We are developing the new generation financial games to kick some tremor in the financial industry. If you like working on games and don't mind getting your hands dirty on tough challenges with smart, creative and dedicated people, Mobytron is for you. We welcome all specialisations, so just contact us and let's meet up.