All markets, Finance, Gaming and Gambling are tending social. Gaming (Games) first, after that Social Gambling and now last but not least Social Trading. Does this mean that all former introvert traders are now super sociable?

'Does Wolf of Wall-street suddenly want to share his profits? No, he wants to share his results in ranking with fame as reward. It's just a gradual change of strategy enabled by new technology.'

The short evolution of Gaming has proven to its players that working together is more fun and profitable than fighting each other.

'So all their secret knowledge is shared? Not really. It's the strategy of give and take selectively, blending knowledge, hence providing longer time to enjoy.'

The proof of the pudding is shown by Social Gambling and Gaming. Players actually like to pay for credits which they never will monetize! These useful insights boomed the Social Gambling Industry on such short notice, that the existing real money Gambling Industry is forced to buy themselves in.

'Doubledown casino April 2014: Social gaming was the lone bright spot in the fiscal Q2 results of gaming device maker International Game Technology (IGT)'

'June 5 2014: Gaming device maker Bally Technologies has agreed to acquire Israeli social gaming firm Dragonplay, the developers behind popular social casino games likeLive Hold’em Pro.'

The 100 million dollar question is: Will the Finance Industry follow this trend?
We @mobytron have some straightforward ideas about this. 
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